25 – 26 March 2019 | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Developing world-class infrastructure, whilst preserving the environment and ensuring sustainability are some of the key pillars of the Abu Dhabi Government’s future plans as part of the emirate’s Vision 2030. Accordingly, the emirate plans the development of “a professionally designed and well-managed urban environment in the Emirate's towns and cities, complete with world-class traffic and transport systems.”

As a part of this, the emirate is focusing on three key areas:

  • Managing and maintain the emirate’s groundwater, stormwater and drainage networks
  • Creating higher degrees of energy efficiency and sustainability from outdoor and indoor lighting.
  • Building a sustainable, green and innovative city through the use of innovative designs and integration with nature

The Abu Dhabi Community Public Services Congress, taking place from 25 – 26 March 2019 in Abu Dhabi, is bringing together the key decision makers across federal and local government, leading real estate developers, market-leading consultants and MEP Engineers, and innovative technology and solution providers to help shape the emirate’s future infrastructure.

As part of this Congress, three concurrent annual events will be held in Abu Dhabi
this March: